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... from her heart
about how she learned to "Live the Life You Love!"

Through personal discovery from the storms of life, she shares not only riveting stories of tragedy and painful consequences, but lessons learned that helped her achieve victory.

A true champion, Lois is a trail-blazer moving forward to uncover the best ways of thinking and acting in order to achieve success.

With her tongue-in-cheek humor, amazing insights and experiences many can relate to, she keeps the audience engaged and involved in taking these lessons to heart.

The audience cannot help but be touched and transformed while listening, as they become equipped and empowered to face their greatest challenges and overcome them victoriously.
... from her experience,
bringing practical tips and timely wisdom.

Whether you are a small business, a mega-corporation, or non-profit organization, her entrepreneurial insights and techniques for bringing the best out of the individuals as well as her systems for building long-lasting success are priceless! They can save time, energy and frustration, not to mention thousands of dollars of potential revenue.

For entrepreneurial thinkers, Lois brings to light many valuable resources to get your business positioned to move quickly to the next level.

Lois' expertise brings marketing insights and fresh business ideas to give your company a clearer focus, more innovative products, or different ways of thinking. You will identify ways to solve problems and reach goals faster and more effectively.

It's time to bring Lois in to help move your business ahead by getting your team charged up with clear thinking, practical techniques and new energy!
"Brushstrokes on My Canvas"
An inspirational talk that will build your faith in God and in the great life you can have.
Discover how even the messes in your life can become the message.
Everything good or bad has a purpose and can propel you to your greater destiny!
Even divorce, death, physical attacks, moves, confusion & chaos all play a part
in bringing forth a beautiful masterpiece when life is under the hand of the Master Artist.

LIFE SYSTEMS for Mastery & Empowerment
- Living Life Backward
(finding your purpose, leaving a legacy, living with the end in mind);

- Clean Your Messes, Find Your Life
(de-cluttering, organizing your time and space, prioritizing, creating systems)

- Buried in Busy: How to Get out of Overdrive and into Cruise Control
(tips, tools & systems to move toward your best life automatically)

- The Money Dance
(what money really is, beliefs: how & why to change them to create the life you love,
how to create value, practical tips on getting and keeping more)

- Change: What’s Holding You Back?
(how to move past obstacles & roadblocks to living the life you really want)

- New Year’s Revolutions
(how to guarantee your goals get accomplished; creating lasting change)

- Rise Above Yourself: RAYS of HOPE
(a system for self-empowerment and lasting change)

- FINANCIAL BOOT CAMP: How to Get Control of Your Money & Your Life
(can be a weekend seminar or 6 or 8 weeks of 2-hour sessions designed
to give a good overall financial education)

- The Jamestown Principles
(how to survive & thrive as you forge a path & build your dream life or business)

Entrepreneurialism – Various Topics Customized to Your Group Needs
- expanding your business
- creative brainstorming
- marketing & testing
- fresh business ideas
- alliances and joint ventures
- internet marketing
- creating a brand through expert status
- speaking and getting published

- how to be a catalyst for the change you want
in your church, company, or organization
through your own example
- how being a true servant changes the results
in those you lead + who's servant are you?

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Lois Gallo is a business leader, coach, author, speaker, educator, and artist. She has been reaching out to encourage others as long as she can remember. She grew up a minister’s daughter, the oldest of five children, living in Southern Ontario, Canada and Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Through the years and all the ups and downs of life, her passion has become teaching and leading others along paths she has forged through pain, loss, self-discovery and ultimately God-discovery.

Lois has demonstrated her inspiration and leadership through a 25+ year career in Financial Services. She also served as president of various professional and civic organizations, taught in church and community and at her fine art school. She continues to speak to businesses and organizations, as she provides both inspiration and systems that work.

Organizations that Lois has worked with include:
Prudential, Lincoln Financial Group, Sagemark Consulting, Invention Submission Corporation, Evangelical Publishers, Peoples Church of Toronto, The Evangelical Alliance Mission, First Baptist Church of Norfolk, Kiwanis, Christian Business Network, Financial Planning Association, Toastmasters, Toronto Board of Education, State Farm Insurance, and many others.
How Can We Help You?
Whether you need a Keynote Address, a Workshop, Seminar (half day to 3 days), a Retreat, or just a short talk, Lois can be available to enhance your group's experience and bring life-changing results where needed.

To see how she might be available to work specifically to tailor a program to your needs, contact us at:
Phone 757-672-6746 or email Val@real-life-institute.com

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