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Lois Gallo is Founder and President of Real Life Institute - the virtual and real life experiences of uncovering and living the life you love.
President of Inspiration Connections, Inc., the parent company.
Coach, speaker, author, artist
Published works include Million $ Planning: One Step at a Time, Rekindling the Human Spirit (contributing author), and Faith Lessons: Experiencing the Miracles (co-author). Coming soon: Brushstrokes on my Canvas (the power of defining moments in the hand of God)
Currently I am a business leader, educator, coach, author, speaker, artist, songwriter, mother of two, and grandmother of one.

I have been reaching out to encourage others as long as I can remember. I grew up a ministerís daughter, the oldest of five children, living in Southern Ontario, Canada and Virginia Beach, Virginia.Through the years and all the ups and downs of life, my passion has become teaching and leading others along paths I have forged through pain, loss, self-discovery and ultimately God-discovery.

I strive to live my faith in everyday situations, encouraging and inspiring others along the way. Whether through my past career in Financial Services, serving as president of various professional and civic organizations, ministering through music and teaching in church and community, or in teaching Impressionist oil painting techniques at my fine art school, I stay engaged in life as I continue to point others to a loving and involved God they can know personally.
Lois Gallo,
Personal Transformation Coach
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